Solo Exhibitions

The Netherlands

2017 Is she there? Psynapse Gallery, Rotterdam

2011 Voluntary gratitude. Forty days of paintings. ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2009 Explorations into the Void, Galerie Hennekijn, Rotterdam

2002 Etsen en Schilderijen, Gallerie de Opmaat, Haren

2002 Mixed Media Paintings, Daniel de Hoed Kliniek, Rotterdam

2001 Going Spaces, De Werkplaats, Schiedam

2000 Mixed Media Paintings and Other Struggles, British Women's Club Gallery, Societeit de Witte, Den Haag

1998 Schilderijen, Den Hoogenban, Rotterdam


2007 Slightly Other, Sassafras Creek NSW

1998 Works on paper 1994—1998, Hester Gallery, Newtown, Sydney NSW

1997 Works on paper, Thirroul NSW

United States

2000 Works on Paper, Family Institute of Cambridge, Cambridge Mass.

Great Britain

2011 Lifting the lid. University of East Anglia

2007 Spaces: Within and Without. Mixed Media Installation. Arts Based Educational Research Conference, University of Bristol

Group Exhibitions

The Netherlands

2016 Binding (Connection) Galerie de Waag, Haarlem

2016 ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2014 ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2012 Forgiving Relics, Galerie 91, Den Haag

2009 Motherhood, The Gallery Upstairs, Rijswijk

2008 Last Orders, British Club Gallery, Societeit de Witte, Den Haag

2008 Gallerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2007 Gallerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2006 Gallerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2006 Personal Spaces, Gallerie 91, Den Haag

2005 Printed Matter, British Women's Club Gallery, Societeit de Witte, Den Haag

2004 Grafiek, Galerie Hennekijn, Rotterdam

2001 Raamkunst, Heemraadsingel, Rotterdam

1999 Kunstfeest Oude Noorden, Open Atelier dagen, Rotterdam

1998 Kunstfeest Oude Noorden, Open Atelier dagen, Rotterdam

1997 Museum Hillesluis, Rotterdam

1996 Over de Maas exhibition, Entrepot Harbour, Rotterdam


2017 cARTed Laramiere series no. 322 untitled postpoem

2016 cARTed Soulages series no. 310 untitled postpoem

2015 cARTed Le Pre Saint Gervaise series no. 303 untitled postpoem

2013 cARTed Strasbourg series no. 294 untitled postpoem

2012 cARTed Le Havre series no. 277 untitled postpoem

2010 cARTed Paris series no. 264 untitled postpoem

2010 cARTed Omaha Beach series no. 256 untitled postpoem

2009 cARTed Esquay-sur-Seulles series no. 251 untitled postpoem

2007 cARTed Euskirchen series no. 225 untitled postpoem

2007 cARTed Mont Saint Michel series no. 219 untitled postpoem

2006 cARTed Yvetot series no. 209 untitled postpoem

2005 cARTed Den Haag series no. 198 untitled postpoem

United States

2003 College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia


The Netherlands

2016 The asking project-150 asks. Clay, sand. ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2014 The glove project-150 found, lost gloves, watercolour, words. ArtiBrak, Voorburg

2012 Forgiving Relics. Porcelain, oxides, soil. Galerie 91, Den Haag

Great Britain

2011 Lifting the lid. A performance of 6 puppets in a suitcase. Mixed media, brown suitcase. Philosophy of Psychotherapy Conference, University of East Anglia

Commissioned Works

1996 "Zonder omhaal: education and publication", Direct Dutch Publicaties, Den Haag

1997 Ink drawing as contribution to publication 12H: Direct Dutch

2000 Series of three paintings commisioned by Mrs Sandra van 't Hart, Rotterdam

Published Works

2002 Watercolour painting used as cover for "Welkom in Moederland", Het Spectrum, Netherlands

1997 Ink drawing published in Hisgen van der Weel, "Worsening in Westward Ho: A brief look at the genesis of the text", Samuel Beckett: Crossroads and Borderlines: L'œuvre Carrefour/L'œuvre Limite

1993 Linocut prints (cover and frontispiece) for Irish stories 1893—1899, Katharine Tynan. Academic Press Leiden, Leiden

1992 Linocut print used as cover for Beckett on Tape, Kees Hessing. Academic Press Leiden, Leiden

Educational Qualifications


2001—2005 SKVR, Rotterdam Printmaking

1996—1996 Vrije Academie, Rotterdam, Aquarel

1992 SKVR, Rotterdam, Model drawing

1990—1991 Vrije Academie, Den Haag, Foundation year

Memberships and Art Societies

2005—present Member of ArtiBrak, Voorburg

Works in Private Collections

Works by Kate Nobbs are in private collections in Australia, America, Poland, The Netherlands, New Zealand and England.